Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera




in depth



Annika Crosby, MD:

“We have been to a great master trainings-and you win on so many levels”


Catherine Marben, RN:

“You were so accommodating and thorough with planning and guiding us through this event from the beginning. Shino is so selfless and knowledgeable. Thank you for such an incredible experience”


Nicole Frontera, NP:

“Thank you so much for designing a perfect masterclass. I’ve been to many classes over the past 13 years in this industry and this was my favorite. The small class size is ideal gives more value and allows more individualized attention.”


Mariela Cogorno, MD:

“This weekend was amazing for my career. I learned about advanced techniques and had the wonderful experience to be one-on-one with Shino, which was unbelievable”


Christine Cervini, APRN:

“As for the course, honestly it is by far the best course I have ever taken.  The written materials and protocols are detailed and very easy to follow.  The models were very planned out and really covered every advanced technique that I will definitely add to my practice”


Dakota Holt, NP-C :

“What can I say other than how fulfilling this weekend was for me.  My life is truly fortunate for every encounter I have and this weekend has enriched my life tremendously.  It is challenging to develop such a cohesive experience and you have mastered the skill of putting all other programs on notice”


Zdenka Orbegozo, APRN:

“This weekend was an inspiration in so many ways.  The masterful skill level of Shino was tremendous for our learning experience, but his heart and soul that beats throughout the team was exceptional and heart-warming”


Tanya Belliard, PA:

“ This weekend was transformational to me intellectually and spiritually”


Sydney Sullivan, Aesthetic Injector:

“Thank you so much for such an incredible learning experience. I am just so impressed with the level of organization and attention to detail that this training and experience had.  The didactic felt like a motivational and intimate conversation amongst colleagues. The demonstrations were filled with formulas, dosages, and were very precise.  I cannot imagine the amount of time this took your team to put this all together.  I am just beyond grateful”


Cristina Viteri, MD:

“Thank you very much for all your hard work organizing this amazing masterclass. It was one of the best and most complete aesthetic training I have ever attended.  And as I had told Dr. Shino Bay, I learned so much in so many ways.  I feel more empowered when doing my treatments and ready to conquer the world of Aesthetics”


Eva Unell, NP:

“You planned and coordinated the absolute best masterclass I have ever attended.  It really could not have been better”


Maria Fernanda Miranda, NP:

"Es realmente un ejemplo el Dr. Shino Bay no tan solo como injector sino como una excelente persona. Curiosamente mi mayor aprendizaje no fue en tecnicas, a pesar de que estas son las mejores del mundo y las mas efectivas por lo demas ! sino que en la forma de hacer las cosas.. Esta experiencia se convirtio en un ejemplo para mi en mi propia clinica”

Christina Milizia, PA-C:

“I had a wonderful experience, both personally, spiritually and professionally.  I am so grateful to be awarded such an amazing opportunity and higher level of education.  I learned so much and I am ready to set a higher standard of care and push the limits.  I already called my rep to place a Sculptra order”